My volunteering story

This blog is pretty much dedicated to exhibition reviews, thoughts on museum current issues and Manchester happenings. But, blogs are brilliant because they are personal. Blogs aren’t articles, or journals, as they are individual. So here’s my individual, personal story, my story of volunteering in museums.

My hometown is in Shropshire, so my first volunteering role was in Blists Hill Museum, in Ironbridge. I wish I could call this a ‘front of house’ role, but it was in fact dressing up as a Victorian, pretending to be a Victorian, and chatting to visitors. I will hold Blists Hill close to my heart, it’s what set wanting to be in a museum into motion. I have a lot to thank/blame for that place!

When I moved to Manchester for university, the course got me into working with Peoples History Museum. Within the module, I worked with the museum in setting up an event for students. Working as a student, setting up an event for students, was so much fun. It was fascinating to work with marketing and events, learning the ropes of specifics, and the massive teams that exist in the back offices of museums. This also led to a brief time as a front of house volunteer with Peoples History Museum, which I really enjoyed, but had to give up to focus on my degree.

My main volunteering time has been spent at the Manchester Jewish Museum. I planned on spending at the most a year there, and it’s now been at least two. I ended up loving the staff, the volunteers and the museum so much that I’ve still never left!

So here’s to being more ‘myself’, on this blog! Hello!



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