Easy like a Sunday at the V&A

There’s 73 days until my dissertation hand in.

It’s really, really, easy to let that be all consuming. But, I’m convinced to not let it. With 7000 words left to go, and quite a few days off work between now and then, there’s no panic, yet. I’m at a good point, I’m still fairly confident that it will get finished, and still fairly confident it will be finished well.

So, last Sunday, I visited the V&A. For no reason, not to study an object for Girl Museum, not to write a review for Kids In Museums, not even necessarily for this blog. I didn’t even visit for a specific exhibition, just to wander around, aimlessly. Working as a museum professional, writing for different places, including my own blog, I’m really used to visiting museums with a critical perspective or for a reason in mind. It was really, surprisingly, refusing and relaxing to see the galleries from just a typical visitors perspective.

For the next 73 days, this blog is likely to be forgotten. Unless, I take the pressure off. Rather than exhibition reviews that are well-thought, insightful (or at least, I try!) I’m just going to post photos, videos, and little thoughts, nothing too professional, just “I really liked the V&A jewellery exhibition.” I’ll maybe even write them on my phone, I’m a bit sick of my laptop right now. I’ll keep the big words for the dissertation, for now.



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