Volunteering at The Feminist Library

At the weekend, I headed down to The Feminist Library to meet with the Volunteer Coordinator, Angele, to discuss volunteering. I’m delighted to join their team, helping out with their exciting series of events coming up in 2018.

The Feminist Library is celebrating it’s 45th birthday this year so it’s a great time to join them. As I always arrive early to things (London travel is so unpredictable it’s always best to, right?) I got a chance to look around their collection. The library was founded in 1975, originally called the Women’s Research and Resources Centre, the Feminist Library, and has since collected an estimated 5000 books and 1,500 periodicals. Fascinatingly, the library also hold a collection of 500 poetry publications.

I’ll admit, my awareness of feminism isn’t necessarily intersectional, certainly not as intersectional as I’d like. Aside from the ‘classics’ and recent bestseller texts of Moran et al, my knowledge is limited (A-Level Sociology feels like a lifetime ago!). So, I’m looking forward to generally improving my awareness of feminist discourse.

The library is entirely volunteer run, and I will be helping coordinating and setting up different events, as well as assisting in running the administration of the events email account.


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