Podcast Review: Museum Masters

Museum Masters is a podcast about all things museums and museology, from the point of view of two Museum Studies students Mary Akemon and Allison Bryan. As two Americans completing their Museum Studies masters in Britain, they discuss primarily the British museum sector.

Museum Masters is an insightful and illuminating podcast into the world of museum study and profession. As two young female students, they give an insight into the museum sector that is often not heard. They talk about Applying to Museum JobsCreating and Representing in LGBT ExhibitionsSelfies and Photography in Museums, and many other topics, making the podcast fascinatingly wide-ranging.

Mary Akemon and Allison Bryan also discuss what is often no spoken about for the podcast. They interview Tayla Camp, tattooed Museum Studies student. In this episode, they discuss how the hiring practice facilitates visibly tattooed potential museum professionals. I was surprised to hear that Tayla didn’t find her heavily visible tattoos to have negatively impacted her museum career.

While they discuss these issues broadly and objectively, they also tie in their subjective personal experiences. Whether that be their academic experience or professional experience, Mary Akemon and Allison Bryan make the Museum Masters podcast engaging through their own insight in what they’re discussing. As the museum sector is often discussed by primarily older men, their insight is a welcome addition to non-academic discussion of all things museum.

What makes the podcast so addictive is how accessible they’ve made it. Although I’m a self-confessed museum addict and Museum Studies graduate, they make the podcast a fascinating listen to all. Mary Akemon and Allison Bryan are endearing, funny and engaging hosts, making Museum Masters an insightful and entertaining listen.


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