Hello! I’m Chloe Turner, here’s my little space to write on the wide world of the web about two of my favourite things: museums and London. I started this blog back in 2015(?!) as a place to practice writing my thoughts down, ready for the big world of masters writing… It’s evolved a bit since then. Sometimes written wholly professionally, sometimes not. The key, for me, is not taking it all too seriously, because where’s the fun in that?

I’m currently working as a Visitor Services and Volunteer Coordinator at the Wiener Library, recently graduating from the Museum Studies masters with the University of Leicester. My dissertation for said masters was titled, and I adored it. Spoiler alert: I do believe museums can do much, much more when it comes to engaging with contemporary activism, and social media can be a way to do so, if tread lightly. I wrote a short summary of it for London Museums Group, which I’m really happy with, you can have a read here.

I also intern with Girl Museum, an online museum, as their Marketing and Development intern, and volunteer with Kids In Museums.

One thing I’m asked quite a lot, is what museum I’d work in, if I could choose any.. To be honest I don’t know. But I’m always drawn to a smaller-sized, social history, object based museum. But in this funding age, I’m not one to be picky, am I right?! That said, one thing I am sure on, is wanting to work with volunteers. I’ve worked with volunteers at the Manchester Jewish Museum, Museum of Brands, and Wiener Library. Managing volunteers is wholly where my passion lies, and I’m usually spotted at a LHVMN meeting, or tagging along to a Museum of London training etc, etc.

All these rambly, averagely written thoughts are of course my own. Don’t quote me on anything either, because I’ll get very embarrassed.

p.s, the blog name is based on the first museum to use museum labels, in 530BCE, owned and more than likely curated by Princess Ennigaldi-Nanna, cool huh.



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