Volunteering at The Feminist Library

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At the weekend, I headed down to The Feminist Library to meet with the Volunteer Coordinator, Angele, to discuss volunteering. I’m delighted to join their team, helping out with their exciting series of events coming up in 2018. The Feminist Library is celebrating it’s 45th birthday this year so it’s a great time to join them. As I always arrive early to things (London travelRead Now

Girl Museum News

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I’m very excited to write that I am now the Volunteer and Instagram Manager for Girl Museum, because what do I love more than Instagram and volunteer management! After two years volunteering with Girl Museum, writing blogs and running Instagram, I’ve now been appointed the title Instagram and Volunteer Manager, which couldn’t feel more ‘me’. I’ll be managing the recruitment and coordination of the volunteers and interns, developingRead Now

Exhibition Openings, and Exciting News!

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“Based on the ground-breaking research of Wellcome Trust Professor at Oxford Brookes University, Paul Weindling, this exhibition examines coerced experimentation in Nazi-dominated Europe. Through the portraits of victims and perpetrators, the exhibition explores the legacy of medical research under Nazism, and its impact on bioethics today.” On what felt like the rainiest day of the year, in new (and inappropriate for the weather) shoes, IRead Now

Mädchen Des Kinderstransport

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I intern with Girl Museum as a Marketing and Development role, and over the past year, I’ve been working on this amazing Mädchen Des Kinderstransport exhibition with them. Mädchen Des Kinderstransport is an online exhbition within the online museum Girl Museum. The exhibition explores the mass movements of children, specifically female children, as refugees from the horrors of the second world war. Within the contemporary context of theRead Now


3D printing is the future, and increasingly the present. The Museum of Science and Industry have curated and displayed an exhibition highlighting the current and potential uses of this new technology, with interesting results. I’m sure to those interested in science and technology, this exhibition is a invaluable first hand view of this almost unimaginably futuristic development. Yet, I am not interested in this exhibition forRead Now


Over the past few weeks I have been invigilating the School of Paris exhibition at the Manchester Jewish Museum. This exhibition has pieces from infamous artists such as Chagall and Soutine, with Soutine’s work La Soubrette as the highlight of the show, and image of the advertisement campaign. As a personal favourite, the work Apocalypse in Lilac was perfectly suited to the Synagogue space. The works were loaned fromRead Now


As part of my undergraduate History course, myself and two others planned, marketed and hosted an evening public event at the Peoples History Museum, aimed at the 17-25 year old student demographic. In this, we had free drinks (necessary for students, yes?), film screenings of Manchester based film 24 Hour Party People and clips of 40’s Manchester lent from the North West Film Archive, as well asRead Now