Can Museums challenge Youtube?

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“Curated by members of the local LGBT+ community, this unique exhibition marks the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Sexual Offences Act, exploring and celebrating those who campaigned and continue to campaign for equality for LGBT+ people.  The exhibition details the development of an LGBT+ movement, showing the internal and external struggles, the different party political approaches to equality, and the social and historical context of the last sixtyRead Now

Pinch Punch first of the year

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This highly intelligent and witty title is of course referring to this being my first blog post of 2017! It’s almost a year since living in London and I’ve still not been to all the Museums. (Not that I was ever expecting to, there’s about ninety???) I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of cartoons, excluding the Beano, of which I had a membershipRead Now

First Night at the Museum

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If you’re reading this blog, you probably like museums, so probably don’t need to Museums at Night explaining. But, just in case, Museums at Night is  a country wide late night opening of Museums and Galleries, produced by Culture 24. Museums at Night is an ‘opportunity for museums and galleries to come together around a single, simple campaign that is attractive to venues, audiences and theRead Now

Colour and Vision

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Colour and Vision is the newest blockbuster exhibition from the Natural History Museum, exploring the science, and the mystery of how and why animals interpret colour. The exhibition took a relatively chronological narrative, starting from the micro organisms that existed without sight, exploring the hows and the whys of the evolution towards colour and vision. Sexual attraction, camouflage, and warning off predators are cited as theRead Now

Don’t visit a University museum in Freshers Week

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My main piece of advice to any museum visitor, don’t go to a University museum during Freshers Week. The idea of university museums is incredible, inspiring the students to be curious, to learn about history or science or art in ways that books or lectures just never could. But, freshers week, avoid. I didn’t do this. I didn’t even think of this. That said, obviously,Read Now

The Best, and Worst, Thing about Living in London

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It’s been circling around in my head for what seems like weeks, how to write about the opening of Tate Modern’s new building. Circling spiralling thoughts of how to write in a way that is concise, intellectual, factual. So much so, ironically, I’ve left it too late to discuss it as ‘new’ at all. Today I realised: it doesn’t matter. I realised this wearing myRead Now

Mods, Jews and Suits


I’m not Jewish, or a mod, or a man, and have never worn a suit. Jewish Museum’s temporary exhibition Moses, Mods and Mr Fish isn’t really for me. But, I really enjoyed it. The gallery explores the past 150 years of fashion in menswear, much of which has been influenced by Jewish figures. Marks and Spencers, Burton, and Moss Bros have a distinctly Jewish heritage, that is often forgotten in theRead Now

How to engage as a Millennial

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The title of this post is intentionally controversial, of course millennials can engage with a museum or gallery in a traditional manner. But I have become increasingly aware and interested in how the ‘millennial’ generation will develop to engage with museums. This was originally inspired by Marina Gross-Hoy from Imaginibus’ post about twitter, in which she tweeted a photo from the Metropolitan Museum of Art every half hour,Read Now


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As part of my pledge to visit 25 museums in 25 weeks, I visited Jewish Museum London. I was beginning my route around the History: A British Story gallery, when I heard a little voice behind me, “hello, would you like me to show you round?” I was shown around by a lovely, passionate, knowledgeable, engaging volunteer called Maureen Moses. What struck me about theRead Now

An Ode to Grandeur

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Museums are for the objects. Art galleries are for the artworks. I know that. But there really is something to be said for the grandeur of architecture. Disclaimer: I’ve never studied the significance of museum and gallery architecture, so I’m only speaking as an uneducated visitor. I visited Tate Britain as part of my 25 To Do’s pledge, to visit one museum or gallery aRead Now