Exhibition Openings, and Exciting News!

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“Based on the ground-breaking research of Wellcome Trust Professor at Oxford Brookes University, Paul Weindling, this exhibition examines coerced experimentation in Nazi-dominated Europe. Through the portraits of victims and perpetrators, the exhibition explores the legacy of medical research under Nazism, and its impact on bioethics today.” On what felt like the rainiest day of the year, in new (and inappropriate for the weather) shoes, IRead Now

Show off

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“It’s an open mic night featuring curators, conservators, librarians, collectors, trustees, security people, retail folk, educators, funders, explainers, visitors, academics, archivists and everyone else associated with museums, libraries, archives and collections.” – https://museumsshowoff.wordpress.com I’ve finished my dissertation today! All that’s left is finding a London printing and binding place that doesn’t cost more than the actual tuition fee. But I can see the finish line.Read Now

First Night at the Museum

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If you’re reading this blog, you probably like museums, so probably don’t need to Museums at Night explaining. But, just in case, Museums at Night is  a country wide late night opening of Museums and Galleries, produced by Culture 24. Museums at Night is an ‘opportunity for museums and galleries to come together around a single, simple campaign that is attractive to venues, audiences and theRead Now

Bogeyman of Science Museum

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Last night I attended the ‘Frankenstein – From Literature Myth to Bogeyman of Science’ event at the Science Museum. I remember reading Frankenstein at Sixth Form, expecting a boring sci-fi novel, but falling in love with the take of ethics, guilt and morality. Hosted by the director, Ian Blatchford, the museum clearly recognises the novels significance too. Timed at the bicentennial year of Frankenstein’s creation,Read Now

When a Synagogue gets a hashtag

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Under the new Heritage Lottery Fund and Arts Council funding, the Manchester Jewish Museum is reinventing. Bollywood, comedy, theatre, Video Jame, gigs, and old classic Klezmah is revitalising the museum, opening up to a new demographic. The museum, and heritage site as a former 19th Century Synagogue, is looking towards the future. With long-term future goals of extensions and development, the museum is diversifying its audienceRead Now


These photographs are from the soft opening night event, just a few months ago, yet now the Whitworth has won the Museum of the Year award, and rightly so. Marketed to make Manchester “fall in love again” with the gallery, or the “gallery in the park,” the Whitworth fully utilises the Whitworth Park just outside, making the exterior walls glass to feel immersed in the park.Read Now


As part of my undergraduate History course, myself and two others planned, marketed and hosted an evening public event at the Peoples History Museum, aimed at the 17-25 year old student demographic. In this, we had free drinks (necessary for students, yes?), film screenings of Manchester based film 24 Hour Party People and clips of 40’s Manchester lent from the North West Film Archive, as well asRead Now