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Evaporation is a new art exhibit to come to the Museum of Science and Industry, commissioned for the Manchester Science Festival by Cape Farwell’s Lovelock Commission, named and inspired after scientist James Lovelock. The exhibition of sculptures and drawings has been created by artist Tania Covats. The works are a response to the worlds seas and oceans, influenced by James Lovelocks Gaia Theory. There are twoRead Now

Cravings: Does Your Food Control You

Astronaut’s poo, an artificial gut, and a table of smells. A sentence I never thought I’d say, but a few things to see at Museum of Science and Industry’s new Exhibition, Cravings. Coming from the London Science Museum for Science Festival Week, and staying until 2016, Cravings is an exciting addition to the otherwise lacking 1830’s Warehouse building. Brightly coloured, with just the right amount of interactives,Read Now

Innovation Race

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Gender boundaries, interactives, war, Manchester, science, inventions. A lot to have in a gallery space no bigger than a standard sized bedroom. Yet, the Innovation Race at the Museum of Science and Industry somehow fits it all in, without overcrowding. Innovation Race is a temporary exhibition about inventions during the Second World War, specifically focusing on Manchester’s involvement and the Ferranti family. Set in darkRead Now


3D printing is the future, and increasingly the present. The Museum of Science and Industry have curated and displayed an exhibition highlighting the current and potential uses of this new technology, with interesting results. I’m sure to those interested in science and technology, this exhibition is a invaluable first hand view of this almost unimaginably futuristic development. Yet, I am not interested in this exhibition forRead Now