Book Lovers Day

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To celebrate Book Lovers Day, I’m rounding up my collection of museum related books – from the delightfully accessible to the challenging academic doorstops. Luckily for me, a major perk the University of Leicester Museum Studies course is the per module parcel of all the books needed. Put on top of that a penchant for late-night whim Amazon purchases, and I’ve racked up quite theRead Now

11 Things you Learn as a University of Leicester Museum Studies Distance Learner


15th of April 2015 seems like a really, really, long time ago. Since then, I’ve changed jobs three times, moved house twice, and spent more money on “I’ll definitely write another 1000 words if I get another £3.60 flat white” than I care to admit. But it also feels like a really, really short time ago. The fear it’s all almost over is palpable. Sure,Read Now