Show off

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“It’s an open mic night featuring curators, conservators, librarians, collectors, trustees, security people, retail folk, educators, funders, explainers, visitors, academics, archivists and everyone else associated with museums, libraries, archives and collections.” – I’ve finished my dissertation today! All that’s left is finding a London printing and binding place that doesn’t cost more than the actual tuition fee. But I can see the finish line.Read Now

On Being a Whisper

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This is some rambling, self involved thoughts about being a small fish in a big pond. As i’ve become more involved in the twitter museum community, it’s a feeling i’ve increasingly palpably felt. Listening to writers that are so eloquent, thoughtful, self-aware both inside and outside of the museum community is equal parts terrifying and inspiring. To set the context, my ideas always come to meRead Now

My First #MuseumHour


I’ve been a long time reader of the Museum Hour twitter meet up, this Monday however, I got involved. Mondays between eight and nine in the evening, Museum Hour initiates a discussion about a museum related topic, and twitter uses from all across the world discuss and share their thoughts and opinions. This week was whether museums should charge for admission, and what it wouldRead Now