Bethlem Museum of the Mind: 2016 Museum of the Year

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Open on the first and last Saturday of the month, at the start of this month I headed over to Bethlem Museum of the Mind. Shortlisted for the 2016 Museum of the Year award, the Bethlem Museum of the Mind tackles a difficult history in a reflective, ethically minded, and accessible exhibitions. The first thing that is wholly needed in a museum that reflects a difficult history is  friendlyRead Now

Wiener Library: Theatre and Literature

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I didn’t think I’d be typing this sentence onto this little blog any time soon but: I curated an exhibition! The Wiener Library’s  new mini Reading Room exhibition, Theatre and Literature in Concentration Camps, tells the story of resistance through theatre, art and literature. The Malicious Gossip Law, passed in early 1934, meant that telling an anti-Nazi joke was a crime, the same year infamous anti-NaziRead Now

Book Lovers Day

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To celebrate Book Lovers Day, I’m rounding up my collection of museum related books – from the delightfully accessible to the challenging academic doorstops. Luckily for me, a major perk the University of Leicester Museum Studies course is the per module parcel of all the books needed. Put on top of that a penchant for late-night whim Amazon purchases, and I’ve racked up quite theRead Now

Wellcome Collection: A Museum of Modern Nature

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“Our summer exhibition shines a light on how each of us connects with nature. We are displaying objects borrowed from members of the public that tell a story about their relationship with nature. Together they create a collective snapshot of how we think about nature in the 21st century and explore how the health of our planet is intricately bound up with the behaviours and valuesRead Now

Girl Museum News

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I’m very excited to write that I am now the Volunteer and Instagram Manager for Girl Museum, because what do I love more than Instagram and volunteer management! After two years volunteering with Girl Museum, writing blogs and running Instagram, I’ve now been appointed the title Instagram and Volunteer Manager, which couldn’t feel more ‘me’. I’ll be managing the recruitment and coordination of the volunteers and interns, developingRead Now

Saatchi Gallery: Selfie is the new art

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“From Selfie to Self-Expression. The exhibition is open from 31st March – 28th May 2017. The show is the world’s first exhibition exploring the history of the selfie from Velazquez to the present day, while celebrating the truly creative potential of a form of expression often derided for its inanity. Showing alongside examples of many influential artists’ work are selfies that have quickly became iconsRead Now

The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever

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“Perry’s abiding interest in his audience informs his choice of universally human subjects. Working in a variety of traditional media such as ceramics, cast iron, bronze, printmaking and tapestry, Perry is best known for his ability to combine delicately crafted objects with scenes of contemporary life. His subject matter is drawn from his own childhood and life as a transvestite, as well as wider socialRead Now

5 Things I’ve Learnt as a Retail Coordinator

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On my last day at the Museum of Brands as Visitor Services Coordinator (which includes managing the retail aspect of the museum) I thought I’d reflect on my first time dipping my toes in retail management. And, importantly, make the most of my access to a SLR camera, that DEPTH. I’ve convinced myself I need to buy an SLR for this blog now. Or maybeRead Now

Fighting For Peace

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“Take a journey from the First World War to the present day, exploring how peace movements have influenced perceptions of war and conflict in this major exhibition. From conscientious objectors to peace camps and modern day marches, Fighting for Peace tells the stories of passionate people over the past one hundred years and the struggles they have endured for the anti-war cause. Over three hundred objects includingRead Now

5 things i’ve learnt managing volunteers

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“Volunteers’ Week is an annual event which takes place at the start of June. It celebrates the contribution made by millions of volunteers across the UK. It’s run by NCVO in partnership with Volunteer Development Scotland, Volunteer Now (Northern Ireland) and Wales Council for Voluntary Action. From showcasing the different volunteering roles on offer, taster sessions and team challenges with new partners, to volunteer recruitment events, awards ceremonies and launching new volunteeringRead Now